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No 39 (2021): Recursos educativos y materiales didácticos en contextos sociocomunitarios
In this current special issue of PSRI we provide a serie of papers that intend to deepen the understanding of educational resources and didactic materials, as well as their basic functions, their selection and their application, with the aim of stimulating reflection and debate on their potentials and limitations in the service of community development    
Published: 2021-12-14

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Pedagogia Social. Revista Interuniversitaria addresses emerging issues in the field of social pedagogy and social education (in and out of school), social work and social services. 

Topics covered include: cultural, socio-cultural, community development, political and socio-educational programs, maladjustment, social integration and exclusion, leisure, social and school violence, adult, elderly, gender, training and professionalization.