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No 33 (2019): Reading as social pedagogy and education

The current SPECIAL monographic issue focuses on reading and social and reading practices. It is based on a strategic line of great interest to this journal, consisting in building bridges and widening the analysis and reflection on related disciplines with a resilient projection and content for social action. 


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No 32 (2018): Social Pedagogy and work-life balance in daily life

In this monographic, we deal with a new and original approach to the use of time, in this case the time shared within a daily family environment, analyzed from an critical perspective committed to education, where reconciliation, co-responsibility and equal rights are the main and unavoidable axes for Social Pedagogy
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No 31 (2018): Education and leisure of vulnerable youth

In this monograph, we approach as a nuclear issue the practices of education, leisure and leisure time use in a specific type of young people, those that present a certain level of vulnerability or a situation of potential social risk. The different contributions analyse the problem and present strategies to guide socio-educational intervention.


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No 30 (2017): Youth Empowerment and Social Pedagogy

The present monographic issue pedagogically develops and delimits the concept of empowerment, in particular when applied to young people, describing experiences, spaces, interpretations and meaning that young people attribute to this concept, as well as the capabilities and competences that are required in order to articulate reliable educational processes in order to promote this term.
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No 29 (2017): Cultural Diversity and Socio-Educational Inclusion

In this monographic we present a series of educational innovations that seek to anticipate answers to new challenges and needs of the current school facing the challenge of cultural diversity and social and educational inclusion


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No 28 (2016): Territorial networks of social-educational action, an investment in collaborative social innovation

In this special issue diverse experiences of territorial networks development are analyzed, conformed as new ways of coordination and optimization of interventions between social agents. This networks are emerging as innovative ways of effective assistance to social-educational needs of citizens, to boost collaborative social innovation and to contribute to build social capital in local communities.

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No 27 (2016): Social Pedagogy in the world

In this special issue we commemorate 30 years of  life of our magazine,  since its birth in 1986. For this reason, the monograph reflects the presence and development of social pedagogy in a wide range of contexts and countries around the world, with the participation of experts from Germany, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Spain, Russia, Uruguay, Brazil, United Kingdom, United States, Japan and South Africa


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No 24 (2014): Participatory evaluation and empowerment

Evaluación participativa y empoderamiento
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No 23 (2014): Social education and gender

Pedagogía Social. Revista Interuniversitaria, n. 23. Educación Social y Género. Enero-junio 2014


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No 22 (2013): Social Education in prisons

Pedagogía Social. Revista Interuniversitaria, n. 22. Educación Social en prisiones. Julio-septiembre 2013
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No 21 (2013): Promising programs in work with families

Pedagogía Social. Revista Interuniversitaria, n. 21. Programas eficaces de trabajo con familias. Enero-junio 2013


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No 20 (2012): Educational times, leisure times

Pedagogía Social. Revista Interuniversitaria, n. 20. Tiempos educativos, tiempos de ocio. Julio 2012
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No 19 (2012): Social Education and Professional Ethic

Pedagogía Social. Revista Interuniversitaria, n. 19. Educación Social y Ética Profesional. 2012


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No 18 (2011): Infocomunication and Social Education

Pedagogía Social. Revista Interuniversitaria, n. 18. Infocomunicación y Educación Social. 2011


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No 17 (2010): Children and Adolescents in Social difficulties

Pedagogía Social. Revista Interuniversitaria, n. 17. Infancia y Adolescencia en Dificultad Social. 2010


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No 16 (2009): Skills and Professionalism

Pedagogía Social. Revista Interuniversitaria, n. 16. Competencias y Profesionalización. Marzo 2009


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No 15 (2008): Social Education at School

Pedagogía Social. Revista Interuniversitaria, n. 15. Educación Social en la Escuela. Marzo 2008


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No 14 (2007): Social Pedagogy and European convergence

Pedagogía Social. Revista Interuniversitaria, n. 14. Pedagogía Social y Convergencia Europea. 2007

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