Pi­xel-Bit. Media and Education Journal

In contexts in which we are, in which the "Information and Communication Technology' (ICT), become an element of development and empowerment of our schools and training institutions.

Pixel-Bit, Journal of Media and Education, aims to provide a platform for the exchange of ideas, experiences and research on the application of ICT, regardless of the format in which they are submitted and training contexts in which they develop, whether these formal, non-formal or informal, and educational level.

Pixel-Bit, Journal of Media and Education, aims to be a channel of distribution and exchange of ideas and information between researchers in different countries and communities concerned about the introduction, improvement and understanding of ICT in training processes.

With this digital version aim to not only provide easy access to all published documents, but also to provide new tools such as search articles by different criteria, that the authors who have submitted manuscripts for publication were aware of the status of them in the review process, evaluation and acceptance-publication through OJS.