No. 36 (2020): Education for a Culture of Sustainability: eco-citizenship, public policies and social participation

Educación para una Cultura de la Sostenibilidad: eco-ciudadanía, políticas públicas y participación social

In this monographic we analyzed the subject of the Environmental Education (EE) that has little more than 50 years of history . It was born in the late sixties of the 20th century. Its initial intention was to transform education so that human societies reconsider their place in a biosphere with a limited capacity to sustain its accelerated and exponential growth. Currently, EE has to respond to an extreme situation, forced by scientific evidence that we have entered a point of no return marked by the climate crisis and other systemic impacts of human activity on the biosphere. How to redefine the pedagogical and social role of EE in this scenario? 

Published: 2020-07-30

Editorial Article