Unilateral Non-traumatic Radiocarpal volar dislocation in a child. A long-term evolution


  • S. García Mata
  • A. Hidalgo-Ovejero

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We report an eight year-old female with trisomy 21 referred to our clinic for limitation of wrist mobility. The patient had been diagnosed and treated by polyarticular juvenile chronic arthritis for six months. Clinical and radiological study revealed volar radiocarpal dislocation of the left wrist. She was treated surgically by open reduction, temporary K-w fixation with six weeks of immobilization. The dislocation relapsed but the joint remained painless. One year later she had 5 masculine of dorsal flexion and 25 masculine of volar flexion and absence of pain. In spite of this situation the family said that the girl lived normal life without any limitation because of her condition, refusing further treatment. Eight years later the girl remains asymptomatic and does a normal life without limitation because of her condition. The patient and her family refused any treatment. Based in the failure of surgical treatment performed in our case we think that abstention could be the most reasonable option, mainly in the immature patients.


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García Mata, S., & Hidalgo-Ovejero, A. (2009). Unilateral Non-traumatic Radiocarpal volar dislocation in a child. A long-term evolution. Anales Del Sistema Sanitario De Navarra, 32(1), 85–90. Recuperado a partir de https://recyt.fecyt.es/index.php/ASSN/article/view/4790



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