Infiltrating gastric adenocarcinoma with disseminated osteoblastic metastases


  • V.M. dos Santos
  • T.A. Vieira
  • C.S. Marinho
  • T.P. Loures
  • B.B.V. Brandao
  • R.N. Botan

Palabras clave:

Adenocarcinoma. Bone metastasis. Gastric tumor.


We report the case of a man with a diagnosis of invasive gastric adenocarcinoma associated with scattered osteoblastic metastases. This 65-year-old patient was admitted with nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain, in addition to loss of weight (13 Kg in 3 months). Upper digestive endoscopy revealed extensive infiltrating changes in the body of the stomach, and histopathologic data confirmed the diagnosis of a Borrmann IV gastric adenocarcinoma. Complementary exams were indicative of a gastric cancer with bone metastases, characterized by disseminated osteoblastic images of the scintigraphy of the skeleton. Palliative chemotherapy was the treatment of first choice. High serum levels of CA 19-9, CEA and alkaline phosphatase can constitute useful indicative tools of this challenging condition. Images from a scintigraphy study of the skeleton can characterize the type and extension of bone metastases. The aim of this case study is to report a case of a very uncommon condition, considering that disseminated osteoblastic metastases rarely develop in this kind of tumor.


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V.M. dos Santos


Internal Medicine Department



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dos Santos, V., Vieira, T., Marinho, C., Loures, T., Brandao, B., & Botan, R. (2013). Infiltrating gastric adenocarcinoma with disseminated osteoblastic metastases. Anales Del Sistema Sanitario De Navarra, 36(1), 153–157. Recuperado a partir de



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