Technology use for teaching and learning.

  • Antoni Badia Garganté Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. Estudios de Psicología y Ciencias de la Educación.
  • Julio Meneses Narango
  • Consuelo García Tamarit
Palabras clave: Learning tool, educational innovation and ICT, technology-rich learning environments, ICT and teaching


Our main aim is to categorise the different uses teachers and students make of ICT as a teaching and learning tool in technology-rich classrooms. A questionnaire about possible uses was developed following the guidelines provided by the literature review. A sample of teachers (n=278) who teach in highly technological classrooms participated in the study. Four types of educational ICT use in the classroom turned out of the exploratory factor analysis: teachers' technology use of content, teachers' technology use of interaction, students' technology use of content, and students' technology use of interaction. Useful ideas for researchers and teachers are provided.

Cómo citar
Badia Garganté, A., Meneses Narango, J., & García Tamarit, C. (2015). Technology use for teaching and learning. Píxel-Bit. Revista De Medios Y Educación, (46), 9-24.