Reviewing School Practices: evaluations of teachers-tutors


  • Mónica Porto Currás Universidad de Murcia
  • Mª José Bolarín Martínez Universidad de Murcia

Palabras clave:

Practicum, tutor, assessment, tutoring, teacher training, coordination


School Practices are one of the key subjects in the training of future teachers because it gives the students the opportunity for contacting with the educational reality from which to reflect, in order to promote learning and teaching skills and quality in the new degrees.
This study is framed in a line of research that aims to analyze the design, implementation and
evaluation of the subject School Practices in Grades Teacher of Primary Education at the
University of Murcia; course developed in collaboration with teachers-tutors of schools, according to the requirements of the new European framework.
The purpose of this paper is to provide a reflective analysis on evaluations of the teachers-tutors involved in the implementation process of this subject. The tool used for data collection was a questionnaire, answered by a representative sample of teachers who have mentored practice in
this community during the course 2011-2012. We chose a qualitative research methodology, which allows us to get closer to the experiences and perceptions of respondents, and later analyze, draw conclusions and offer suggestions for improvement for the sake of quality education.

The results show that the practices allow students to reflect and complement the academic learning through structured and supervised planning by the academic tutor and the teacher-tutor, while it is a source of satisfaction and educational enrichment for all involved. However, there ar 
ways to keep improving: primarily at coordination between school and college, and greater clarity about the meaning of each of the tasks that students should develop and how the final evaluation process is made.