A case study on students’ perceptions about the inclusion of ICT in a secondary school

  • Juan Pedro Barberá Cebolla
  • Marte Fuentes Agstí Instituto Eduardo Primo Marqué de Carlet y Universitat. Autònoma de Barcelona


This article presents a case study on how students at a secondary school of Valencia see the inclusion of ICT by their teachers as contributing to the improvement of learning. It is part of the analysis of the vision that the students have about the way that teachers have integrated the use of ICT into school practice, in order to get answers about the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for improvement that the school would need to introduce for proper use and implementation of ICT. Moreover, the study corroborates the importance of the views expressed by the students as a tool evaluating the school for the purpose of providing information to carry out specific actions to improve the teaching and learning.