Musicians, instructors and art-educators with music education training: An Analysis of music teacher education in South America


  • Teresa Mateiro Univerties of Örebro (Sweden) and Santa Catarina State (Brasil)

Palabras clave:

Music Education, Educational models, Curricular Study


This article examines cross-cultural differences among the music teacher education programmes in South America. It is a study that aims to contribute to the discussion about the music teachers training and, in consequence, supports the reforms of the current music teacher education programmes. Data collection was made by the text analysis from official documents provided by the institutions, available documents in the university web pages and organizations such as Educational Departments and UNESCO. The education model was categorized in three areas: music, education and arts. It is concluded that teacher education models presuppose to train musicians with music education specialization, to train general teachers with music education specialization and art-form teachers wi th specialization in music education.