Learning to use Twitter and use Twitter to learn


  • Víctor Abella García Universidad de Burgos
  • Vanesa Delgado Benito Universidad de Burgos

Palabras clave:

Twitter, Higher Education, microblogging, ICT, informal learning, Personal Learning Environment


The social networks are increasingly present in educational environments, promoting (helping, contributing) different skills related to communication, information and digital processing among others. In this paper, we present an educational experience conducted in the course of Information Technologies and Communication applied to the Education provided in the first year of the Degree in Elementary Education, whose main objective is to bring the students to the use of social media, specifically Twitter, with an educational purpose. 

The main results highlighted that three-fourths of the students were satisfied to a greater or lesser extent, with the use of Twitter in the context of the subject. These results also showed revealed a positive assessment by the students on the use of this social network as a tool for lifelong learning. From our point of view, the experience with Twitter has been very rewarding, becoming a new attractive communication tool for students and encouraging their interaction with other educational professionals.