School as teacher-student education context: learning from collaboration


  • José I. Rivas Flores Universidad de Málaga
  • Analía E. Leite Méndez Leite Méndez Universidad de Málaga
  • Pablo Cortes González Universidad de Málaga

Palabras clave:

Teacher education, service-learning, primary teacher, social commitment


This paper presents an experience of primary teacher-student education from the College of Education at University of Malaga. 10 freshmen study two subjects collaborating in a primary school as part of learning-service project. These students are supporting the development of a learning community project in progress in this school while they build their knowledge about two involved subjects. Learning process take place through meetings with the college teachers as a  reflection seminar. Likewise meetings take place between both, school and college teachers, and  the students, in order to advance in the u nderstanding of the educative process, so as to collaborate in the progress of educational project of this school. In this sense, it is significant that  these schools  located in a context of social, economical and cultural marginalization. Some issues that  are being played are: collaborative work, social-political-educative commitment with public school and the transformation of primary teacher student education. Outcomes of this process are  organized around these issues: subjective process experimented by students, the training process at school, and collaborative process between teachers from both institutions