Representations and images of cultural diversity: insights from an exploratory study with multicultural school teachers in Southwestern Andalusia


  • J. Carlos González Faraco Universidad de Huelva
  • Juan Ramón Jiménez Vicioso Universidad de Huelva
  • Heliodoro M. Pérez Moreno Universidad de Huelva

Palabras clave:

Multiculturalism, Intercultural Education, Immigration, Identity, Difference, Inequality, Teachers


This article presents the findings of an exploratory study developed in multicultural schools in the province of Huelva (SW Spain). Following a conceptual and analytical description of the evolution of immigration, we present the results of a field study, conducted through interviews with teachers and other important school actors. From them we have extracted different images and stereotypes about the educational development of immigrant children. Finally, this article suggests new research proposals in future studies.