Support, reinforcement, and good educational practice in response to school failure in contexts of social exclusion


  • Maximiliano José Ritacco Real Universidad de Granada
  • Francisco Javier Amores Fernández Universidad de Granada

Palabras clave:

Good practices, social exclusion, school failure, measures of attention to diversity


Our interest in the identification of good educational practice in contexts of social exclusion has focused on those items within the support and reinforcement programs, taking into account the organizational dynamics, personal relationships and curricular and pedagogical adaptations, all linked to the situation of students in context. In this sense, the effects of such practices are aimed at reducing the processes of exclusion and school failure by promoting social cohesion. Therefore, from a qualitative methodology we approach to three public IES in exclusion zones to identify good practices in program support and reinforcement in order to disseminate them for use. Finally, we establish a cross connection between the identified good practices allows us to understand as actions related to common goals.