Patterns of learning in teacher education master students: related personal and contextual variables


  • J. Reinaldo Martínez-Fernández Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
  • L. García-Ravidá

Palabras clave:

patterns of learning, teacher education, personal factors, contextual factors


In this study we analysis patterns of learning (Vermunt, 1998; 2005) in a sample of Master Teaching Education program, and its relationships with personal and contextual variables, and the academic performance. Participants were 101 teacher education students from a Spanish university with an average ages of 27.57, of which 71.30% were women. The results show that patterns of learning do not reproduce according to Vermunt, though these if it shows to be a certain similarity with the obtained ones in other studies with secondary students. Likewise, we found significance relationships between female and higher scores in beliefs and learning orientations, and between age with higher score in a reproductive pattern and certificate orientation. Moreover, we found that education counseling students have lower score in a reproduction pattern than natural sciences students. These results are discussed in the field of teacher education program in a Spanish university.