Experiences with iPads in Primary School

  • Martin Ebner Facultad de Tecnología de Graz
  • Julia Schönhart Facultad de Tecnología de Graz,
  • Sandra Schön Laboratorio de Innovación e Investigación de Salzburgo
Palabras clave: Tablet, iPad, app, primary school


Tablet computers gain enormous attention nowadays and become more and more part of our daily
life. Due to this it is not astonishing that even the educational sector is thinking about the use of
such wearable devices in the classroom. Our research study aims to give insights about real life
experiences with iPads in Austrian primary schools. Therefore we describe the development of
appropriate learning apps and their use in classrooms. Finally each technology-enhanced lesson is
observed as well as evaluated afterwards with the help of the cut-off technique.
The research work carries out different circumstances the use of tablet computers has a positive
influence on teaching and learning and gives practical hints how they should be used in classrooms.