Perceptions of teachers in implementing the Plan for Equality between Women and Men in Education


  • Carlota De León Huertas Universidad de Córdoba
  • Mercedes López de Lerma García de Viguer Universidad de Córdoba

Palabras clave:

Gender, education, teacher training, Plan for Equality.


The article that follows is an educational research on "Perceptions of teachers in implementing the Plan for Equality between Women and Men in Education", which has been carried out in six centers of Kindergarten and Primary Education (C.E.I.P.) in Cordoba town. The purpose of this paper is to find out and describe the level of knowledge possessed by these teachers on the plan, as well as
the degree of involvement and satisfaction with it. In short, it consists in gathering perceptions about the implementation of the equality plan, with the purpose of improvement and optimization.
The results have shown very high values in the three dimensions of our study and little gender determination, concluding that this feature does not determine the perceptions about the dimensions. In contrast, the perceptions of these teachers would be determined on the basis of the center of origin according to the measures and interventions performed in their C.E.I.P., following
the Plan for Equality between Women and Men in Education, and their degree of satisfaction with it.
In conclusion, this study shows that the Plan for Equality between Women and Men in Education is paying off in these C.E.I.P. and that there are no major drawbacks in its implementation for theteachers studied.