Bibliometric study of “Teachers. Journal of curriculum and Teacher Education” (1997-2013)


  • Esteban Vázquez Cano Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia
  • Eloy López Meneses Universidad de Sevilla
  • David Cobos Sanchiz Universidad de Sevilla

Palabras clave:

Education, bibliometric analysis, scientific production, impact index


This article presents a bibliometric analysis of the Journal Profesorado. Revista de currículum y formación del profesorado since its founding in 1997 until the last issue of 2013. We analyzed 553 articles corresponding to volumes ranging between 1.1 and 17.3. The information was obtained from the electronic version of the journal and the following bibliometric indicators were established: number of articles according to publication year, methodology, topic, authorship index, authors' institutional affiliation, and productivity by country. For the development of this research, data were categorized and filtered from Google Scholar and the Journal Citations Report.