Dramatic art and public university. Towards a necessary integration


  • Manuel F. Vieites Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático de Galicia. Universidad de Vigo

Palabras clave:

Higher education, dramatic art, school organization, university education, theatre


Theaim of this paper is to show that higher education in dramatic art in Spain, as it happened with other degrees already established in the Moyano Law of 1857, should join the public university system in order to achieve a real, and not nominal, incorporation of those degrees to the European Higher Education Area, and to enhance the quality of teaching and learning but also the development of their specific research areas. It proposes a historical overview of what has been their development up to date, taking into account the challenges that the legislation in force demands from them and showing that in the countries of our cultural environment these studies are part of the university syllabus, but also considering several proposals formulated in recent years in order to reinforce their academic and institutional status.