The image of a high school teacher in initial training


  • Zoe Martínez de la Hidalga Universidad de Deusto
  • Lourdes Villardón-Gallego Universidad de Deusto

Palabras clave:

, professional identity, teacher identity, pre-service training, secondary education, metaphor, teacher profile


One of the educational aims of teacher training is the construction of a professional identity. The goal of this investigation is to examine what concept of the teaching profession a sample of the  students from the Master’s in Secondary Education has. To carry through the study, 35 students of the Master answered an open question questionnaire at the end of the academic year. Results  indicate that the students are aware of many of the competences a teacher needs in order to  perform as such, although they do  not consider some important ones, as assessment of learning, information management and the analysis of the profession in a historical and social context.  Among the qualities that make a good teacher, students mention the knowledge of both field and  pedagogy, as well as motivation, innovation, social skills, patience and responsibility. Metaphors chosen by the participants highlight the differences among students regarding how central the role of the teacher is to the development and learning of their students. Participants acknowledge that the Master’s has helped them change their idea of teachers and has made them develop a greater appreciation for the profession.