The educational profile ot he pedagogy graduate: the students´view


  • Cristina González Lorente Universidad de Murcia
  • Pilar Martínez Clares Universidad de Murcia
  • Natalia González Morga Universidad de Murcia

Palabras clave:

European Higher Education Area (EHEA), Pedagogy Degree, competences, initial training


Universities, as leading institutions in professionalization of citizens, require continuous assessment of teaching practice to redirect and improve the formation´ process into newly implanted EHEA. Therefore, this paper aims to know and analyse the development (teaching) and command (learning) of the Pedagogy Degree’s competences through their students’ perception. An ad hoc questionnaire for 92 of these students was applied. The results show the need to strengthen the development of competences in the university classroom, as well as their command among students.   

In addition to the significant differences between both aspects, it denotes an imbalance between teaching and learning. This conclusion implies to reflect on the quality of initial training received in the new pedagogy degree.