ICT as ecosystem for the construction of intercultural competence


  • Rosa María Rodríguez Izquierdo Universidad Pablo de Olavide (Sevilla)

Palabras clave:

ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) in education, intercultural competence, digital literacy, skills training, teacher’s perception


This paper presents the most relevant results of a study in which opinions of the teachers the potential of ICT for the development of intercultural competence. This study was inducted through a mixed survey type, using data collection a questionnaire and focus groups. The research involved 281 primary and secondary schools teachers in the province of Seville. Obtained results show a widespread agreement among teachers about the pedagogical potential of ICT for the learning of multiculturalism. However, a significant number of teachers do not consider the intercultural competence as important as the information literacy.In general terms, conclusions suggest a training gap regarding multiculturalism and teachers believe that the intercultural training is only necessary when they have students from other cultures in the classroom. Finally, ideas and measures are suggested for the improvement of the practical application of ICT in the development of intercultural skills in the teacher training.