Multiple-case study with life histories in the early childhood education degree: service-learning in the teaching of Physical Education


  • Carlos Capella Peris Universidad Jaime I (Castellón)
  • Jesús Gil Gómez Universidad Jaime I (Castellón)
  • Manuel Martí Puig Universidad Jaime I (Castellón)
  • Òscar Chiva Bartoll Universidad Jaime I (Castellón)

Palabras clave:

service-learning, physical education, life histories, values.


This paper presents a study about the implementation of Service-Learning (SL) in the area of Physical Education in pre-service teachers. Specifically, we used Life Histories as a tool for qualitative research in order to know the basic profile of students, and to deepen their development of social skills and ethical and civic values.

Furthermore, the paper shows the appropriateness of Life Histories as a tool to assess the  influence of SL in students, as long as the results provide and deepen on certain personality traits, family and professional context, and learning and development staff. The conclusions obtained indicate that SL develops social skills and values in the participating pupils. Thus, the results also show the suitability of Life Histories as a research tool in this field.