Service Learning experience in Learning Communities


  • Margarita R. Rodríguez-Gallego Universidad de Sevilla
  • Rosario Ordóñez-Sierra Universidad de Sevilla

Palabras clave:

Service-Learning, learning communities, grounded theory, high school


The aim of this article is to analyze the Service-Learning experience of 100 students from University of Seville and 104 professionals from different schools in order to collect different degrees of satisfaction about participation in Service-Learning Project, a wide knowledge about the influence of this experience in teacher’s job and how to improve their future work. 

The analysis is exploratory and non-experimental to obtain evidence about student’s opinions; and open coding process in grounded theory, to achieve relevant information about professional’s opinions.  The result after the Service-Learning experience outlines an improved academic development due to a better assimilation of concepts and a personal development due to the maturation of social and communicational abilities. Furthermore, professional development has been shown as a result of the acquisition of job skills, and social development attributable to the acquisition of professional abilities and awareness of social inequalities.