Training social educators through reflective practice. Learning for social change as a strategy to contribuye to the university´s social responsability.


  • Mª Carmen Robles Vílchez Universidad de Granada
  • Miguel Ángel Gallardo Vigil Universidad de Granada

Palabras clave:

institution of higher education, social education, practical training, social responsibility


In this article is described an educational offer that it has as purpose extend, bearing in mind the social current moment, the limits of the university classrooms as spaces of learning and social change. This offer connects the higher education with the social institutions, across the design of a Integrated Practices, looking with it that the learnings have usefulness from the point of view of the critical analysis and of the social and cultural change, overcoming the function academicista of the university, towards a major implication in the needs of the society. Our interest is to favor that the students finds areas of reflection and social and educational analysis, from the perspective of the objective and subjective and educational conditions of these educational futures, that have to be situated wrapped in the own action, answering this way to the intention of stimulating changes in the initial and constant formation that favors the professional development. Implemented this action we contribute to the capture of conscience of the social dimension of the top education and to the development of the social responsibility of the university institution as challenge that implies commitment, not only with the formation of good professionals, but of sensitive persons with the problematic foreign ones and that articulate his profession with the social participative change.