Analyze, rethink and improve projects: Rubric for self-assessment and enhancement of service learning projects


  • Laura Rubio Serrano Universidad de Barcelona
  • Josep Maria Puig Rovira Universidad de Barcelona
  • Xus Martín García Universidad de Barcelona
  • Josep Palos Rodríguez Universidad de Barcelona

Palabras clave:

Service Learning, rubric, evaluation, self-assessment


This paper presents a rubric for self-assessment of service-learning experiences. It is a tool for formative assessment valid for different areas and educational levels. Its development has been possible from the creation of a research team that worked on the basis of a methodology of rational reconstruction. The rubric is structured in twelve dimensions each of which has four levels: the basic dimensions (needs, service, significance of the service and learning), pedagogical dimensions (participation, group work, reflection, recognition and evaluation) and organisational dimensions (partnerships and consolidation centers and organisational). The article points out how the process of implementation of the heading and the joint review of the results itself can be a good starting point to begin a process of self-assessment, optimization and innovation of service projects learning.