Service-learning: a methodological proposal for introducing sustainability curriculum in higher education


  • Pilar Aramburuzabala Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
  • Rosario Cerrillo Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
  • Inmaculada Tello Universidad Autónoma de Madrid

Palabras clave:

Service-Learning, sustainability currículum, university, sustainable development


Many authors and organizations argue that the University can and should play a key role in  building a natural and social sustainable environment. For that, it is necessary to integrate methodologies that are consistent with the sustainability principles into the educational model.  

This paper analyzes, from a theoretical perspective, the features that make service-learning an effective tool for introducing sustainability into the curriculum, and the challenges of its implementation in higher education. Service -learning and sustainability curriculum are not wellknown concepts, so first it is necessary to define them. Then, the connection between the two is analyzed based on the principles adopted by the C onference of Rectors of Spanish Universities for introducing sustainability into the curriculum, and by reviewing documents and research on the subject. As a conclusion, it is argued that service -learning is a suitable methodology for educating about, for and from sustainability that complies with the sustainability principles in higher education.