Educational support: the educator’s role in Service-Learning


  • Ángela García-Pérez Universidad de Deusto
  • Rafael Mendía Fundación Zerbikas

Palabras clave:

Educational support, Service-Learning, civic engagement, leadership, educational relationship, educational climate.


Educational support is a fundamental dimension in the growth and development of individuals and  groups. Teaching through care for the relations, climate and educational style constitutes a way to create personal and social itineraries enriched with experiential nuances in the planning of projects from methodological approaches such as Service-Learning (SL).

In particular, the educational style of SL and the supporter attitude are able to grant the  pedagogical role of every experience to learners. Besides, this leadership cannot be forged without the participation of all the stakeholders.     

As a result, in this work, a study of educational support as a process, focusing on the democratic and pro-social leadership of the educators as well as on the pedagogical role and leadership of the learners is presented. Moreover, SL is shown here an educational proposal that allows to "learn while a service is done to the community". Finally, some      orientations for the educational role in SL projects are offered.

Thus, the youth (or any other stakeholder) is considered as a subject with rights and responsibilities; participants of a learning process with practical relevance where they can make significant contributions to the community while consolidating their own personal and collective  history.