Focus and Scope

Focus and scope

The journal "Píxel-Bit, Journal of Media and Education", widely disseminated in the Ibero-American context, is an interdisciplinary research publication of a scientific and academic nature, which seeks to promote the exchange of ideas and works in the field of audiovisual media, Informatics and advanced technologies applied to the educational field.

It is aimed at experts, researchers, members of the educational community, responsible for the technological areas of educational centers and / or institutional planning, postgraduate students and those who wish to specialize in the area of new technologies and their educational applications.

In order to maintain the quality of the publication and the impartiality and ethics of the same, the articles received are evaluated by two external reviewers (peer-review) considered experts in the subject by Pixelbit, Revista Medios y Educación, which accredits as such Those selected, taking place a double-blind review, (author / s-evaluators). In case of discrepancy, a third evaluation will be used, also in a double-blind process and following the American Psychological Association (APA) publication standards. The evaluators will act under the criteria of competence, confidentiality, impartiality and honesty, diligence, respect and courtesy.

Píxel-Bit, Journal of Media and Education is in the following indexes, DICE. Dissemination and Editorial Quality of Spanish Journals of Humanities and Social and Legal Sciences, MIAR. Matrix for the Evaluation of Journals, CARHUS / DURSI: Carhus Plus + 2010. Agency of Gestiód'AjutsUniveristaris i de Recerca, IN-RECS. Index of Impact of Spanish Journals of Social Sciences, RESH. Spanish Journal of Social Sciences (CSIC / CINDOC), CIRC, Latindex Selective Catalog (Serial Scientific Publications of America, Spain and Portugal), ANEP, Index H of the Spanish journals of Social Sciences according to Google Scholar (2001-2010), ERCE. Assessment of Spanish Scientific Journals of Humanities and Social Sciences, UCUA. Index of Scientific Journals of Andalusian Universities, has the seal of Quality of Spanish Scientific Journals of the FECYT and is indexed in Emerging Sources Citation Index of Thomson Reuters.

Píxel-Bit, Journal of Media and Education is in databases, magazine evaluation platforms, selective directories, selective libraries, specialized portals, scientific literature search engines, library catalogs and catalogs of university libraries that you can access directly from the link of the own magazine Pixel-bit.

The magazine is published both in printed form (ISSN: 1133-8482) and electronic form (e-ISSN: 2171-7966). The published works are identified by Digital Object Identifier System (DOI).


Píxel-Bit, Journal of Media and Education presents an editorial line focused on the publication of research papers in education and media, offers a new instrument for analysis, reflection and construction of proposals around education that contribute to improve the Training conditions, within the framework of the integral development of the university community.

In order to promote research in education and communications, Píxel-Bit, Journal of Media and Education wants to offer teaching proposals of the highest quality in the field of education, to promote research in the field of Information and Communication, promote the exchange of information on research and educational experiences on Information and Communication Technologies.

Scope and policy

Píxel-Bit, Journal of Media and Education is published by the author Checa (2002) in his book "History of the Pedagogical Press in Spain" in the following terms: "The following year, in January 1994, Organ of the Secretariat of Audiovisual Resources and New Technologies of the same University, excellent and refreshing semiannual publication, with electronic edition. Directed by Julio Cabero Almenara, it is subtitled "magazine of means and education", its austere presence hides a publication of notable interest, where very diverse subjects have been approached with very diverse "(147). It is an international publication that publishes twice a year since 1994 two annual numbers, January and July. It being possible to publish if the subject and / or interest so indicated extraordinary numbers on an exceptional basis.

Píxel-Bit, Journal of Media and Education is published by rigorous indexation standards, presenting abstracts and keywords in Spanish and English and supporting articles in Spanish, Portuguese and English.


Píxel-Bit, Journal of Media and Education publishes unpublished works that in the moment of its evaluation should not be being evaluated by other publications and / or publishing editorials being the authors the persons in charge of their fulfillment.

Those manuscripts are sent to Píxel-Bit's secretary, and if there are detected that have been before published, they will be rejected at once. They will have to treat topics related to the TIC and advanced technologies applied to the education and that turn fundamentally on projects, researches and in minor measure experiences. Also reflections and offers are accepted in communication and education, as well as in the didactic utilization of an innovative way of the mass media in the educational occupation of any area of knowledge and level of education. As well as in the didactic utilization of an innovative way of the mass media in that to do teacher of any area of knowledge and level of education.