Mission, Vision and Values


The Pixel-Bit mission is to promote the use of ICT in higher education, both in terms of teaching, as research and for University Extension activities. At the same time it seeks to optimize them and improving their management, in order to achieve an effective and efficient service to the university community in particular and in general society. Pixel-Bit has nationally and internationally recognition for its academic capacity and competitiveness, which allow perform the duties which, according to its mission, has entrusted the society.

With Pixel-Bit, Media and Education Journal, provides a new tool for analysis, reflection and construction of proposals around education that contribute to improving educational conditions in the framework of the development of the university community. Four aspects make this mission a comprehensive character:

· Provide educational proposals of the highest quality in the field of education that tend towards the development of competent professionals, efficient and equipped with knowledge, skills and attitudes to meet the needs and demands of the Information Society and Knowledge.

· To promote research in the field of Information Technology and Communication to develop competent professionals, able to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to the new trends, demands and needs of a society in constant transformation and also aware, ethical and moral compromise of the application of knowledge and the need to contribute to a better quality of life in all spheres of society.

· Promote the exchange of information about research and educational experiences on Information Technology and Communication.

· Updating databases of books, magazines, printed material digital, audiovisual and other for access to information and provide access to internal networks and external information to support the study of ICT.


The vision of Pixel-Bit, Media and Education Journal, is the continuous search for excellence through continuous pursuit of increasing the value of the contributions and services to the university community.

Constituting it as a team of committed and passionate about this work, with a privileged view and long experience and background in the field of Information Technology and Communication.

· Propose and research experience clear and consistent in this area.

· Dedication, compromise and responsible participation of all members of the educational community.

· Being a pioneer in educational innovation.

· Be open to all proposals.


· Encourage concern and enthusiasm for knowledge and training to vocation research and technological innovation.

· Spread the knowledge, culture and opinion.

· Vocation of service, availability, dedication and commitment to the university community.

· Professionalism, accountability, consistency, integrity and ethical behavior of those involved.

· Creativity, initiative and ability to innovate seeking improvement through the implementation of cutting edge technologies.