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Development studies research 1975-2014 in academic journal articles: The end of economics?

Mike Thelwall, Sam Thelwall


The field of development studies analyses causes and potential solutions for global poverty and inequality. Since the Second World War there have been major changes in theories about the root causes of global poverty and the strategies necessary to tackle it. This article views the history of development studies from the perspective of the role of economics during 1975-2014. A topic modelling analysis of published journal articles from Scopus suggests that there has been a relative decline in research that focuses on economics, and particularly for research concerned with firms and growth. In parallel, the analysis suggests that there has been a relatively slow increase in interest in the environment, a lack of scholarly interest in BRICS and dependency theory, and a relatively homogeneous treatment of gender issues.

Palabras clave

Development studies; Trends analysis; Topic models; Scientometrics; Bibliometrics; Economics.

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