Linked data for open vocabularies and hive's global framework

Eva Méndez, Jane Greenberg


This paper summarizes new trends and advances in Knowledge Organization from the perspective of linked open data (LOD). Although this is particularly important to galleries, libraries, archives and museums, the so-called GLAM community, it is of more general relevance, and part of the value of LOD lies in its adoption beyond that community. LOD includes descriptive metadata and vocabulary encoding schemes that are being “skosified” (encoded in the SKOS format) or rendered in OWL (the web ontology language) and made available not only “on” the web, but “for” the semantic web. The paper highlights a few exemplary initiatives in the field. The paper also introduces the HIVE (Helping Interdisciplinary Vocabularies Engineering) framework and discusses the HIVE-ES (España) extension for Spanish language vocabularies, leading to a more global approach for linked open vocabularies (LOV).

Palabras clave

Linked open vocabularies (LOV); Linked data (LD); Linked open data (LOD); Knowledge organization systems (KOS); Vocabularies; Metadata; SKOS; Semantic web; HIVE; HIVE-ES.

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