Family farming. Issues and challenges in the reformed Common Agriculture Policy


  • Paolo De Castro Chair of Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development, University of Bologna.
  • Felice Adinolfi University of Bologna.
  • Fabian Capitanio University of Naples Federico II.


Palabras clave:

Common Agricultural Policy, Family farming,


The role of family businesses and, in general, small farms, is critical for the environment, social cohesion and rural development. In the post-productivist perspective of European agriculture, a major part of the complex process of reforms begun in 1992, including the programming period of 2014–2020, is represented by the idea of promoting the concepts of multifunction and diversification in order to obtain strategies for the livelihood and growth of agricultural realities. A good regulatory framework by itself is insufficient to ensure good performance at the local level; this depends on creative and enthusiastic engagement by Member States (MS) with the values, needs and opportunities surrounding small farms.






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